• It is Time for the Healthcare Ecosystem to Come Together as a Team of Teams

    Healthcare will always be a team sport. But in addition to having independent high-functioning teams, it will take a functioning Team of Teams – within each healthcare organization and across the industry at large – to win in the future.

  • Accelerate out of the COVID Curve: Four Ways Leaders Can Set Their Team Up to Win

    The whole world has gone through two years of crisis and we now enter a phase where leaders are pushing their teams to take rapid action. While a bias for action can be a competitive advantage, you will be the first to act and the last to succeed if you are unfocused and uncoordinated.

  • Have You Ever Analyzed the Networks Inside Your Company?

    Why is engagement important and why seizing control in a time of crisis can be bad for an organization?

  • Developing an Adaptive Decision-Making Process

    When building an adaptable organization, leaders must make decision-making a core competency to operate with strategic agility.

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