Manage increasingly complex projects by building a team of teams

Increasingly complex projects with interconnected components create an environment ripe for disruptions—the efficiency, predictability based model of project planning and project management is no longer sufficient for today’s interdependent, dynamic world.

Resilient, adaptable, and collaborative planning and implementation processes that focus on the entire project are more suited to the fast-pace of today’s construction industry.

Integrated, collaborative delivery has become increasingly important to construction companies. Specialists are excellent at executing in their area, but do not understand how the whole picture comes together, overlooking cross-functional dependencies and potential complications. Connectivity and information sharing that cuts across traditional functional silos is now required for projects to be successful.

New leadership behaviors are also necessary to foster this increased collaboration, ensuring that shared information is pumped across the project network.

As projects grow in complexity, they quickly outpace the capacity and control of any one leader.

The collective experience and intelligence of the cross-functional team must be harnessed if construction companies are to learn from past mistakes and innovate for future problems.

Continuous improvement and real time learning can be created at scale through building an adaptable team of teams that shares information across the network, breaking down silos and allowing for solutions to emerge from the bottom-up.

Our offerings serve as tools to bridge the gaps between functional teams, improving operating and communications processes and creating an entirely new, collaborative way to construct and manage projects in the 21st century.

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