Financial Services

The financial services industry has experienced particularly intense turmoil, disruption, and change over the past decade. Between regulatory changes, quickly evolving technologies, and increased public scrutiny, senior leaders face incredible churn.

And the speed at which the industry moves is only intensifying. The globalized market is highly interconnected and interdependent; cables carry information in a matter of mere seconds, advanced algorithms can make high-frequency trades by scanning the news, and unpredictable events in any country can send the global market into a tailspin.

In such a complex environment, legacy management models predicated upon ingraining competition, reinforcing silos, and ensuring predictability become quickly outdated.

Instead, a flexible, resilient, Team of Teams approach will allow financial institutions to connect the dots between teams, quickly pivot to face any challenge, and create a positive, lasting culture, increasing value for clients along the way.

Proven Financial Services Experience

We have extensive experience working with companies in the financial services sector, from global investment banks to wealth and asset management firms to American financial institutions.

Our engagements have focused on making companies more agile and collaborative organizations, capable of providing a holistic experience and innovative solutions to their customers in spite of an increasingly turbulent environment.

Our strategic alignment process helps financial institutions identify new revenue opportunities, creating new cross-functional offerings that provide increased value to clients.

Our operations and communications solutions improve cross-functional communication, creating opportunities to share information across divisions. Establishing liaison programs and installing forums for broader interaction allows teams to leverage the experiences and knowledge of the entire network.

Our leadership development and team building sessions improve behaviors, increasing collaboration, integrating offerings, and meaningfully impacting culture.

Testimonials from our recent work:

There’s been a continued elimination of false barriers between product lines resulting in improved flow of information, better prioritization of scarce resources, and greater shared enthusiasm.
Large global banking client

They have given us the courage to prioritize behavior over outcomes. This mindset will ultimately enable us to drive much greater results for our customers.”
Asset management division

Silos are coming down, more people and groups are willing to talk and deal with each other. It is a tangible, material difference.
Financial institution

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