Innovate as a team of teams

Technology companies face an unprecedented rate of change, challenging both established firms and startups alike. An organization’s ability to innovate with speed and agility dictates its success in this cutting-edge industry, where the competition for capital, talent, and the next big idea is intense.

Established leaders are constantly challenged with threats of disruption: lower barriers to entry across industries allow startups to compete in mature markets, globalized competition forces companies to further differentiate value, and an accelerated rate of technological advancement exposes traditional paths to revenue.

Conversely, ambitious high-growth companies struggle to achieve sustainable growth as they find it difficult to maintain the same innovative culture that fueled their initial success while executing with the precision of an established organization.

We’ve worked with a range of clients in the technology sector, from Fortune 500 companies to growing, scaling startups, including major hardware suppliers, leading software providers, and large-scale electronic distributors.

For the established leader, our operating solutions release the full potential of an organization by enabling communication at scale, reinvigorating stagnant cultures, and ultimately institutionalizing innovation. As new ideas are formed, the Team of Teams approach serves as the catalyst these firms need to effectively pivot the organization towards execution of a new strategy.

For the high-growth company, our Team of Teams approach provides a framework to scale smartly, retaining the magic of small teams while growing into a more mature organization. We provide the skill-set executives need to lead an organization toward sustainable growth, and an operating system it can rely on during times of uncertainty.

We’ve worked to successfully integrate product lines at some of the world’s largest technology companies, designing and implementing operating models to achieve the necessary levels of cross-functional communication, implemented major leadership development programs, in one case spearheading a multi-year global culture change initiative for a leading technology manufacturer, and transitioned mature companies towards execution of fundamentally new capabilities. Ultimately, our approach allows firms to own their future by institutionalizing an innovative culture that embraces change and redefines the market.

The pace of our industry makes their approach especially relevant to the tech world, to the pace of change in products, sales force and customers.

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