103%Employees who rate their organization's alignment highly are 103% more likely to be engaged.

89%Employees with high degrees of empowerment are 89% more likely to be engaged.

80%Employees who rate their organization's communication highly are 80% more likely to be engaged.

Engaged employees are motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work, and are more likely to be productive, innovative, and loyal to their employer.

Between the dizzying pace of technological advancement, the when and where of how work takes place, and the deluge of information in front of us at all times, engagement is waning and employees are as burned out as ever.

So, what’s to be done?

We know engagement is interconnected with other workplace topics such as well-being, retention, and employee development.

What’s often overlooked is process improvement as a catalyst for engagement.

McChrystal Group research and real-world applications have shown that strategic alignment, empowered decision making, and transparent communication are key drivers of engagement. For example, our research found that when leaders articulate what their team must do and how it contributes to company objectives, their team members are 67% more likely to be highly engaged.

Improved processes will help unite people around a common vision and set of priorities, inspiring people to do their best work. Learn how with our curated collection of resources.

  • Case Study - Elevating Employee Engagement

    Elevating Employee Engagement

    McChrystal Group partnered with a technology company of more than 2,000 to help leaders understand the true drivers of engagement among their workforce, identify areas that needed focus, and then improve engagement by addressing the propensity to firefight and a culture of reactivity that led to burnout.

  • Bell Case Study Featured

    Strategy Alignment As A Driver Of Engagement

    Organizations with high levels of strategic alignment are better positioned to meet employees’ basic needs and to develop talent. By aligning the organization around specific objectives and priorities, organizations can better organize resourcing for materials and equipment that support priorities.

  • Developing an Adaptive Decision Making - Main

    Empowered Decision Making As A Driver Of Engagement

    Organizations can responsibly empower their employees once they have established strategic alignment, designated which teams and employees are responsible and accountable for which decisions, and established guidelines for when information and decisions need to be escalated to supervisors.

  • VDH Comm Forum Feature Image

    Transparent Communication As A Driver Of Engagement

    A thoughtfully designed operating rhythm can be utilized to highlight underleveraged voices within an organization, as well as promote community-building within a remote environment.

The 4 Secrets High-Performance Organizations Know About Teams

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