Distributed Workforce Communications Improvement

Effective remote distributed work, particularly in crisis, is not as turnkey as the technology that makes it possible.

McChrystal Group’s own heritage helping high-performing teams operate with excellence in remote settings under crisis has served us well—and we have a long history helping others do the same.

Three Crucial Elements

  1. Content and Structure
    Agendas that fill needed gaps, cadences that match the speed of your environment, and structures that promote stability without inhibiting collaboration.
  2. Behavior
    Behavioral expectations and accountability to them ensure participants can voice up important information while maintaining relevant and quality content that drives positive outcomes.
  3. Technology
    Take advantage of your current platforms, or build them out, to make your connectivity work for you.

Our Solutions

Remote Meeting Implementation

Protect delivery on your most critical projects by ensuring the “information pump” that drives and connects your now-distributed teams is robust to your new environment.

Rapid Response & Execution Forum

Power remote execution with a Forum that brings together your geographically dispersed teams together to share information, align on important objectives, coordinate resourcing, collaborate on problems, and signal decisions. This Forum creates clarity and provides focus in a time of uncertainty.


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