Crisis Recovery

Red Team Facilitation

Navigate the uncertainty of a crisis by mitigating risks and uncovering possibilities.

Facilitated exercises, simulations, and training allow our client to compete in complex environments by identifying vulnerabilities, challenging assumptions, and considering adversarial positions.

Traditionally, McChrystal’s facilitated Red Team exercises are conducted far in advance of a hypothetical “what if.” But what happens once the crisis has arrived? How do we take Red Teaming from “what if” to “what now?”

Three Simple Steps

  1. Envision the short-term
    Paint a clear picture of the immediate future.
  2. Tailor exercises to a focused problem set
    Articulate the high-priority problem areas to pressure test with exercises.
  3. Stay action-oriented
    Leverage the ideas generated to build a concrete action plan

Our Solutions

  1. Two-Hour Red Team Session
  2. Half-Day Red Team Session
  3. One-Day Red Team Workshop

McChrystal Group’s Red Team solutions lead participants through Red Team exercises that are facilitated by world-class facilitators.

These solutions are suitable for as few as eight to as many as 30 participants of all functional areas and seniority.

McChrystal Group designs, facilitates, and synthesizes results in as short as 24 hours. We deliver these solutions both in-person and virtually.

Every leader claims to prize dissent and critical thinking—but few institutionalize the process of disagreement and contrarian thinking. Without a systematic way of promoting critical thinking, leaders are relying upon chance or individual courage to speak up.

McChrystal Group’s Red Teaming solutions solve for this challenge through custom facilitated Red Team exercises. Our workshops enable teams to overcome groupthink, encourage new thinking, and uncover wisdom, while identifying risks and vulnerabilities.


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