McChrystal Analytics Resiliency Tool

McChrystal Analytics has adapted its intensive diagnostic solution for teams in need of a quick response to the COVID-19 crisis. We have leveraged our expertise in team performance to provide a turnkey solution for organizations that are quickly adapting to the new state of remote-work and digital leadership caused by the current pandemic.

We have designed a solution that quickly assesses (7-10 days) the overall sentiment of your leaders, prioritizes key actions, and provides actionable feedback to improve performance through crisis:

Communication Flow

A remote, distributed workforce is the new normal. Understanding how to maintain effective communication at a distance is a challenge, but our network analysis depicts your new communication patterns and identifies key influencers. Leveraging this knowledge will increase remote-work efficiency and help your team react faster to changing demands


Speed and change during a crisis creates significant risks to your resources and ability to achieve strategic objectives. Our analysis will uncover those risks and provide actionable feedback to minimize disruption in operations and increase speed to market.

Leadership Behavior

Stress and ambiguity cause leaders to revert to old habits, tightening reins and siloing behaviors – the opposite of what your team needs now. Our team of highly experienced leaders uncover the impact of these behaviors and work to develop transparency, empowerment, and a sense of collaboration to ensure optimal employee performance and retention.

What to Expect

  • Survey of 200-500 leaders
  • Analysis of your data by our group of experts
  • Personalized organizational report with network visualization
  • Opportunities and recommendations for immediate action
  • Follow-on consultation with McChrystal Partner


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