Where should leaders focus?

Burnout, Quiet Quitting, the Great Resignation, the Great Reprioritization, Quiet Firing – these are terms filling newsfeeds and attracting lots of attention — but where should a leader focus? Addressing these issues is important, yet despite the ever-changing environment, the organizational issues that leaders struggle with remain consistent: employee engagement, decision-making, accountability, communication and collaboration, and operating rhythm.

Our team has collected and assessed the data to provide you with actionable insights to help you drive the results that matter.

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Industry Insights

  • Government

    Employees in the government sector don’t feel like their organizations care about them and their well-being. Leaders can build trust — which leads to well-being — among their teams with a clearly communicated, shared vision of success.

  • Life Sciences

    Employees in the life sciences industry aren’t provided with an explanation of the “why” and are not given the preparation time necessary to act on priorities set by leadership. A lack of appropriate lead time and notice to execute key priorities slows decision-making, creating obstacles to realizing organizational goals.

  • Healthcare

    McChrystal Group data on the healthcare industry indicate accountability needs improvement in the workplace, with employees now being 20% less likely to agree that when objectives are not met, the responsible parties are held accountable.

  • Emergency Management

    McChrystal Group data show emergency management teams generally outperform other government sectors in organizational behaviors. However, data show emergency managers struggle to drive a shared understanding of the operating environment and share information effectively across teams.

  • Financial Services

    McChrystal Group's data shows a lack of communication among middle managers in the financial services sector, leading to teams having less predictable work rhythms. McChrystal Group partnered with a leading financial services provider to change communications and information sharing to establish efficient and predictable work rhythms, leading to increased information sharing and collaboration among teams.

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