Inspiring Resilient Teams in Partnership with SHRM


Todd Sanders is a Partner, currently leading an engagement with a pharmaceutical company and a telecommunications company, leveraging his background in organizational and leadership development. He is particularly interested in the interaction between process and behavior. His diverse background and interests range from advanced mathematics to digital transformation to psychology to philosophy.

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Stephanie Beltz

Senior Learning Designer

Stephanie Beltz, Ph.D., is a Senior Learning Designer on McChrystal Academy, where she leverages the latest insights from organizational, social, and behavioral research to design, develop, and implement leadership solutions for our clients.

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Stephen Mais

Senior Advisor

Stephen Mais served as Senior Vice President, Human Resources for Hubbell Incorporated for over 17 years, retiring in early 2022. In this role, he oversaw HR functions for the enterprise, including Staffing, Compensation, Corporate Communications, Benefits and Labor Relations. During Steve’s tenure, he reported to three different Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officers.

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