Are your leaders struggling to make their teams work?

Confusion, resistance, and a lack of engagement all stand ready to sabotage your organization's performance.   

Your leaders can neutralize those threats...if they're ready. 

  • Do you struggle to rally your teams behind organization-wide efforts?
  • Do your people drag their feet on needed changes?
  • Do misunderstandings and/or mistrust stall action?

Create leaders who make teams work.

McChrystal Group development programs prepare your leaders to remove the barriers that prevent team performance.


Activate Potential

Turn your leaders into performance accelerators through hands-on development programs taught by experts in team performance.


Motivate Teams

Give team leaders the confidence to communicate the org's vision, melt resistance, unite teams and inspire action.


Accelerate Change

Prepare your team leaders to remove the barriers that stall execution so they can speed the outcomes the org needs most.

Solutions to Support Your Transformation

Custom Leadership Programs

Make your leaders stronger than the barriers to team performance. 

Teams struggle to perform when execution gets tough. Our training methods—forged and tested in the toughest settings—will prepare your leaders to motivate teams to the finish line.  

Why have McChrystal Group help develop your team leaders?

  • Take advantage of the only programs built on proven Team of Teams® frameworks. 
  • Zero canned content—everything is designed around your strategy and challenges.
  • Your leaders emerge with measurable action plans and the skills to implement them.

Your teams' impact on organizational performance depends on the capability of your leadership. Let us help prepare your leaders to unleash your teams' potential.  

Learn more about our Custom Leadership Programs

Team Offsites & Workshops

Unite your teams so they are unstoppable.

Divisions within and between teams will kill organizational initiatives before they start. Our Team Offsites & Workshops bridge those gaps so your people can tackle org-wide goals as one.

Why choose our Team Offsites & Workshops?

  • Resolve internal tensions that prevent team unity through expert facilitation.
  • Increase ROI through science-backed agendas that help improvements stick.
  • Surface and fix gaps in your teams' strategies before they sabotage transformation.

The results your organization needs won't come easy. It will need all of its teams fully engaged and pulling in the same direction. Let us help you make sure they are ready.

Learn more about our Team Offsites & Workshops

Team Simulations

Make sure your teams can deliver when it counts.

When the pressure is on, problems that frustrate team collaboration can make for nasty surprises. Team Simulations surface and fix collaboration problems before stakes get higher.  

Why conduct a McChrystal Group Team Simulation?

  • Remove hidden barriers that will keep your teams from achieving objectives.
  • Increase your teams' confidence and build internal trust through realistic experiences.
  • Effective virtually or in-person for teams of 10 to 300.

Your teams want to deliver when it counts just as much as you do. Let us help you make sure they can.

Learn more about Team Simulations

Senior Advisor Coaching & Mentoring

Activate your key leaders' potential to drive results.   

Your key leaders' decisions—good or bad—have huge consequences. Especially when it comes to your teams' performance. Our advisors can help leaders maximize their positive impact.  

Why have McChrystal Group experts coach and mentor your leaders?

  • 1:1 guidance from experts in effective change leadership.
  • Coaches and mentors leverage insights from 100+ organizations and 5M+ data points.
  • Increase the organization's confidence in key leadership's ability to drive results.

No one else can influence your teams' performance like your key leaders. Let us help them push it in the right direction.

Learn more about Senior Advisor Coaching & Mentoring

Results Across Industries


Technology firm completes transformation, outpaces competitor's stock price by 21%

A global tech firm had to change its products and fulfillment model to fit new market demands.

Problem: Internal confusion and resistance to change prevented the firm from implementing the transformation it needed.  

Solution: McChrystal Group worked 1:1 with key leaders and conducted team workshops to eliminate the execution barriers.


  • $30MM increase in top-line revenue, $23 MM increase in margin.
  • 28% increase in stock price while main competitor's went up 7%.
  • 50% increase in solution selling.


The McChrystal Group offsite with its unique experiential elements and interactive small group sessions delivered an energized leadership team - refocused on our mission and ready for our next phase of growth.


Biohaven Pharmaceuticals

These programs paved the way for the participants to develop key business relationships that have helped us drive the leadership content throughout our organization and break down silos.

Chief Administrative and Information Officer

Energy and Industrial Supplies Company

After just one year, [company] is well on its way to becoming the world’s leading international, independent E&P company. The Team of Teams approach has been critical to our achieving this - connecting our teams, aligning our organisation, as well as forging trust and accountability at all levels.


Oil & Gas Company

Our Clients

  • Lead Like Gardener Image 1

    What Kind of Leader Can Lead a Team of Teams? The 6 Principles of Leading Like a Gardener

    What does it mean to be a Team of Teams, and more importantly, what does it take to lead one? With such a radical operating model, a different approach to leadership is needed. Neither a command-and-control style nor a laisse-faire style of leadership can successfully manage complex organizations. A Team of Teams can only be led by a Gardener.

  • Your Leader Development Program - Main

    Your Leader Development Program is Built on a Faulty Assumption

    If you want to create a leader development program that drives real employee growth, you need to spend much less time on the what and the why and use those valuable moments to focus on the how. Admittedly, equipping leaders with the how in a classroom setting, whether it be in-person or virtual, is exceedingly difficult, but you have one powerful tool at your disposal – stories.

  • How Leader Behavior Impacts Decision Making

    Weekly Whiteboard: How Leader Behavior Impacts Decision Making

    A leader's propensity to get involved in their team's various decisions has a direct impact on the timeliness of those decisions. Simply put, when leaders are able to empower their teams to execute and own decisions, productivity is unlocked as valuable time is saved. Better understand how leader behavior shapes a team's decision making processes.

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