Individual ANALYSIS

Individual Analysis

“Heightened self-awareness is the key to success in today’s world. Your leadership behavior—and those of the people you hire—have a direct impact upon your company’s finances, effectiveness, and internal culture. Leading without self-awareness is not an option — the stakes are simply too high.”
—General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.)

Our Individual Analysis consists of the Individual Adaptability Index - an assessment to reveal an individual’s propensity for adaptability. We measure the following six fundamental skills necessary to thrive in today’s complex work environment:

  • Connecting: relating to, inspiring, and mobilizing others
  • Constant Learning: continuous acquisition, synthesis, and application of new information with past experience
  • Decision Making: taking timely action based on contextual understanding gained through process and analysis
  • Discipline: regulation of one’s own actions and emotions
  • Effective Communication: the ability to listen to, form, and convey messages successfully
  • Self Awareness: knowledge of one’s self and impact on others

Following the assessment, we provide an Individual Adaptability Index Report identifying an individual’s strengths to be leveraged and highlighting blind spots to illuminate areas of opportunity.

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