Organization Analysis

Our Organization Analysis includes a diagnostic survey, network analysis, and targeted interviews.

Organizational Performance Analysis

Evaluate your organization against key performance indicators that have been proven to drive adaptability.

The Organizational Performance Analysis component of our Diagnostic Assessments provides keen insight to how your team performs on a number of key indicators. Analysis of the results enables you to make targeted adjustments to how your organization functions, allowing you to improve performance and build enterprise-wide adaptability.

Our team partners with you to customize a survey that measures your organization’s behavioral competencies. The survey evaluates performance against the following organizational capabilities outlined in Team of Teams:

  • Shared Consciousness: Situational Awareness, Collaboration, Information Sharing
  • Common Purpose: Emotional Connection, Goal Alignment
  • Trust: Supportive Environment, Operational Objectivity
  • Empowered Execution: Shared Ownership, Guidance, Empowerment

Our team then analyzes the results to identify the most significant trends. We use those trends to outline key strengths and areas of opportunity for the organization, as well as the correlation and drivers of key scores.

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Organizational Network Analysis

In order to truly understand an organization, you must understand its network.

Our Organizational Network Analysis, another piece of our Diagnostic Assessments [link to Diagnostic Assessments landing page], identifies high impact personnel and teams, illustrating those who enable opportunities or hinder them.

Through targeted questions, our network analysts identify team members who serve as critical communication conduits, highlighting clusters of individuals who are having significant impact on the organization.

Our unique analysis enables you to view your organization through the lens of a network, allowing you to understand:

  • Who are the true influencers in your network?
  • How do decisions flow throughout your organization?
  • Are there collaboration overload concerns?
  • Who can you look to as drivers to effect change in the organization?

This information can be used to take a number of actions that will increase your organization’s speed and effectiveness. Using insights from our analysis, our team will make targeted recommendations on how to best leverage your internal networks.

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Targeted Interviews

In-depth interviews that provide information to complement insights from data trends.

We wrap up our Diagnostic Assessments [link to Diagnostic Assessments landing page] with Targeted Interviews. The interviews enable your senior leadership team to hear from the employees tasked with translating strategy into action and understand their biggest challenges.

Our team meets with key individuals throughout the organization for in-depth interviews that provide contextual information on best practices and areas for opportunity.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your organization, and insight into data trends from our performance and network analyses.

We use qualitative coding analysis to unlock hidden insights from the interviews including sentiment analysis and both causal and correlated trends.

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Diagnostic Assessments

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