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Contingency Planning

Apply Military Strategic Thinking and Contingency Planning to Your Business

One of our hallmark assets is helping leaders craft and coalesce around their organizational objectives and strategies. We believe that leadership development can be augmented through process work, including strategic alignment workshops or contingency planning offsites, to prepare for key decisions or events.

Our facilitated wargaming, red-teaming, and risk assessment mitigation sessions offer an unparalleled opportunity to apply military strategic thinking and contingency planning to your business, while allowing your team to develop critical leadership skills.

Wargaming Sessions

Wargaming sessions allow leaders and teams to visualize a particular course of action, in the context of potential actions of others, be it competitors, customers, or regulators. Wargaming promotes synchronization of all activities in time, space, and purpose, enabling your team to effectively move forward with a well thought-out plan.


Through “red-teaming,” an independent team tests the effectiveness of a particular proposal, plan, or organization, enabling leaders to identify weaknesses and soft spots within their strategies. The process of red-teaming enhances decision-making by enabling teams to view a problem from a competitor’s eyes.

Risk Assessment Mitigation

Risk assessment mitigation sessions walk teams through a process for establishing shared context around an issue to develop a clear understanding of the root cause and hone in on the specific issue that needs to be solved in order to meet business objectives. This training enables teams to vet and strengthen a proposal or initiative prior to execution, equipping leaders with the skills necessary to implement a new plan.

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