High-Performing Teams

The Team of Teams Approach to Building Powerful, Scalable Teams

Our work to build high-performing teams enables you to transform your organization into one that combines the nimble adaptability of small, interconnected teams with the power and scale of a large enterprise.

Through the team of teams approach, we focus on enhancing four core capabilities that are fundamental to any small, elite team, but elusive at the organizational level: Trust, Common Purpose, Shared Consciousness, and Empowered Execution.

Through our team-building solutions, we focus on developing these core capabilities at both the team and organizational levels, highlighting the challenges we face and the barriers to teamwork, as well as tactics and strategies to overcome them.

With focused workshops, your team can drill down into each of these capabilities, walking away with actionable insights on how to foster them at an individual leadership level. Our focused workshops range from one-day sessions to multi-day events, and are tailored to suit the unique needs of your team.

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The list below outlines our core capabilities.


Organizational adaptability is dependent on trust at the individual, team, and enterprise levels. Interpersonal trust is developed through transparency, credibility, and vulnerability, while group identity and psychological safety drive team performance. At the organizational level, the perception of fairness and objectivity directly correlates to employee engagement, motivation, and retention. Our curriculum educates leaders and teams on how to effectively generate and sustain trust on each of these levels.

Common Purpose

Working towards a common purpose enables organizations to thrive in today’s complex environment. Our curriculum focuses on the importance of communicating shared values and goals, as well as the themes of passion and motivation at work. Moreover, an in-depth understanding of organizational alignment and employee engagement equips leaders with the ability to manage uncertainty, guide decisions, and communicate with purpose in times of upheaval.

Shared Consciousness

Interdependencies are a reality in today’s unpredictable and complex environment. A shared understanding of an organization’s situation and challenges across teams is necessary for identifying unexpected barriers and opportunities. We demonstrate how to create and sustain both process and behavioral habits to build Shared Consciousness. The concepts of open communication channels, diversity of thought, and cross-functional collaboration are explored and practiced.

Empowered Execution

Robust structures, rigid protocols, and strict instructions are no longer sufficient for thriving in today’s unpredictable environment. Creating flexibility and speed through Empowered Execution enables organizations to react quickly in complex situations. We teach tactics to drive decentralized decision-making, empowerment, shared ownership, accountability, and alignment.

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