Red Teaming

Our unique and powerful approach to red teaming provides organizations with the ability to gain new insights on old problems and uncover areas of opportunity.

McChrystal Group’s unmatched and diverse experience with red teaming helps organizations identify vulnerabilities, challenge assumptions, envision alternative scenarios, and consider adversarial perspective for any strategy, plan, process, or event.

Leaders operating in an era of unprecedented speed, change, and complexity need new tools to find and maintain an edge. Employing McChrystal Group’s cutting-edge red team tools will make organizations far more informed, prepared, and agile than their competitors.

Red Team Exercises

The McChrystal Group’s interactive red team exercises enable teams to overcome groupthink and hierarchical constraints, uncovering new ideas and insights that would otherwise remain hidden. Our experienced facilitators empower leaders by guiding them through an assumptions check, weighted anonymous feedback, pre-mortem analysis, and other exercises to improve the overall soundness of any strategic decision.

Crisis Management Simulations

Our tools and exercises are particularly valuable in assessing participants’ leadership and teamwork behaviors when responding to the cyber, geopolitical, natural disaster, or other worst-case scenarios facing all organizations. Through a series of progressively more challenging simulated situations, our tabletop exercises, ranging from two hours to two days, enhance team collaboration and test contingency response plans.

Strategy War Gaming

War gaming sessions allow leaders to consider the consequences and risks of current courses of action, from the viewpoint of a competitor, customer, regulator, or other actors outside of their organization. War gaming promotes shared understanding, synchronization of activities, awareness of likely external responses, and early warning indicators to watch for, so an organization can move forward more effectively with a well-planned strategy.

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Red Team: How to Succeed By Thinking Like the Enemy

Red Team: How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy

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His valuable analysis and advice will be of particular interest to executives, and anyone charged with strategic planning.

His valuable analysis and advice will be of particular interest to executives, and anyone charged with strategic planning.