Organization Assessment

Assess your organization’s performance to gain unique insights

Our network analytics and assessment offering is based on the premise that traditional, hierarchical organizational charts do not adequately capture how organizations actually function in the 21st century.

Due to advances in technology and increased interconnectivity, successful organizations operate much more like networks, connecting different groups to create a powerful team that is more than the sum of its parts.

Through our assessment and analysis of your organization, we can help you map out communication flows and pathways of influence, visualizing how your company operates outside of the line-and-block chart.

Just as you would examine how your supply chain operates, our process provides critical information for you to track the human “pulse” of your operations to make data-driven decisions regarding your people, teams, and strategies.

Actionable Insight

We will help you identify strengths and opportunities for improvement at the enterprise level, highlighting influencers, chokepoints, and patterns. These actionable insights enable your business to function most effectively in today’s dynamic environment.

Read more about our unique approach and the specific solutions we provide below.

Our Approach

After retiring from the military, General McChrystal and his colleagues brought in outside academics and experts, spending years studying their experiences and codifying the results with a rigorous academic underpinning that now informs our offerings.

Our approach focuses on enhancing four core capabilities that are fundamental to any small, elite team, but elusive at the organizational level: Trust, Common Purpose, Shared Consciousness, and Empowered Execution.

Scaling these capabilities allows an organization to transform itself into a team of teams.

Most companies fall between a command and a command of teams structure, where hierarchy dominates and silos exist between different teams.

3-model graphic (1)

Organizations need to make the transformation from a command to a team of teams in order to be successful in the 21st century.

Our networked “team of teams” approach is more resilient and agile than traditional management styles, which are now quickly outpaced by the speed of our information age world. Our solutions enable you to build an organization that has the nimble adaptability of interconnected small teams combined with the power and scale of a large enterprise.

While we focus on the organizational transformation approach outlined in our book, “Team of Teams,” we do not offer a single product that every client must uniformly adopt.

Our offerings have a foundation built on our study and experience that we uniquely customize to every client’s specific needs.

Overview of Solutions

Organizational Performance Analysis

We evaluate your organization's performance, measured against capabilities that have been proven to drive adaptability.

Organizational Network Analysis

We map and analyze your company's internal networks to highlight key influencers, bottle necks, and pathways of communication between teams.

Targeted Interviews

We conduct in-depth interviews that provide information to complement insights from data trends.

Individual Adaptability Index

Our assessment reveals an individual’s propensity for adaptability and identifies leadership opportunities.

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