Act quickly as the changing evironment demands

Improved decision-making and faster execution empowers your team to act as quickly as the changing environment demands, reducing bureaucracy and producing better results.

Failure to make effective decisions quickly, (and actually execute against them), will impact your performance, regardless of your talent, strategies, or resources. Companies that make better decisions are proven to obtain better financial results and have increased internal engagement, which further boosts productivity.

We partner with you to define decision space within your organization, allowing for empowerment of individuals and increased speed in decision-making, enabling you to eliminate bottlenecks and actually achieve strategic objectives.

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Decision-making and speed of execution is incredibly important in the military, where the stakes are high and the environment is ever shifting.

While leading the Joint Special Operations Task Force in Iraq, General McChrystal and his team quickly realized that they would have to operate at much faster pace if they were to keep up with a shape-shifting terrorist network. Running every decision up the chain of the command resulted in bottlenecks and missed opportunities, slowing the organization down when it needed to be operating at full-throttle.

In addition to developing an operating model designed to share information radically across the organization, General McChrystal worked to shape an organizational model that pushed decision-making rights down to the lowest possible level. It was no longer feasible for him as the senior leader to make every decision.

What the Task Force found was that increased information flow and higher-levels of empowerment, the combination of shared consciousness and empowered execution, led to better decisions at a quicker pace, allowing them to operate at the speed of their environment— and win.

Decision-making and speed of execution is incredibly important in business as well. A decision (or a failure to make a decision) is the source every single successful corporate strategy, every blunder, and each missed opportunity.

For many businesses, decisions are regularly blocked, slowed down, or avoided. Often, decisions that are made are later revisited, as all the necessary stakeholders weren’t included. Decisions are often stalled by ambiguity or confusion over who actually owns the decision.

Reaching cross-functional decisions is often an exercise in compromise, and a logistical nightmare. Internal politics and a fear of failure all slow down the decision-making process. Furthermore, even if a decision is made, it is often not translated into execution.

State of Decision-Making

  • A study conducted by Bain found a 95 percent correlation between decision effectiveness and business performance.
  • A 2006 Harvard Business Review study found that the companies that were most effective at decision-making and execution generated average total shareholder returns nearly six percentage points higher than those of other firms.
  • A 2010 study found that companies that empowered their employees had 26 percent higher revenue per employee.
  • A Bain survey found that 82 percent of executives did not routinely considered alternatives when making major strategic decisions. Another study by the firm determined that every person added to a decision-making group over seven reduced decision effectiveness by 10 percent.
  • A Harvard Business Review study found that less than 10 percent of companies surveyed had any sort of rigorous or disciplined process for responding to changes in the external environment.

Our decision-making offerings are inspired by the empowered execution model that transformed General McChrystal’s command into a team of teams. They are designed to solve the everyday decision making problems that the private sector faces.

Our Approach

Inspired by experiences building adaptable teams capable of making difficult decisions quickly in dynamic environments, our offerings leverage the lessons we’ve learned to help your organization make better decisions at the speed you need to operate at in today’s world.

Our approach centers on empowering execution and creating repeatable, scalable, decision-making tools that allow your organization to make effective decisions quickly.

Defining decision space and conducting leadership training sessions improves empowerment and pushes decisions lower down in the organization, increasing speed, boosting internal engagement, and improving performance along the way.

Based on extensive organizational research and practical experience making decisions in high-stakes situations, we guide you in implementing our refined, effective, and proven decision-making process.

Empowered individuals, clear processes, and quicker execution creates an adaptable team that can pivot and react to any situation, seizing opportunities and mitigating risks at the organizational level.

Overview of Solutions

Decision space

Facilitated process to define the authority at each level of leadership to make designated decisions. Our process reduces ambiguity and confusion, and eliminates bottlenecks by empowering individuals at lower levels.

Decision-making process

Implementation of our disciplined approach to making decisions. Our process involves ensuring the right problem is being addressed, all relevant factors are considered, and all stakeholders are involved.

After-action review process

Facilitated process to capture lessons learned, provide feedback, and make recommendations from recent events or initiatives. Our process allows you to improve performance and share knowledge across the organization, enabling you to constantly learn at the enterprise level.

Red team and contingency planning

Defined process of reviewing an operating plan in order to identify inherent risk and opportunity and then develop a contingency plan to respond appropriately.

Knowledge centers/fusion cells

Designating centers that serve key decision makers within a team or organization by producing relevant, timely, and cross-functionally resourced information. Our hub and spoke approach to intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination becomes a center for knowledge sharing across your organization.