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Refine strategic and financial planning to mitigate risk and seize opportunities

A more effective and iterative strategic planning process improves your risk identification and mitigation abilities, enabling you to pivot and act decisively as challenges arise.

Our rolling operations plan review process allows you to continuously assess execution against strategy and quickly act to prevent disruptions to your strategies, improving your performance along the way. This creates a more detailed, accurate, and consistent picture of your organization, enabling you to make better predictions of future performance.

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Reliably delivering on the targets you set for your company creates a predictability and stability that will be rewarded by the market, creating additional value for your organization.

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State of Strategic Planning

  • Some studies suggest that only 20 percent of strategic plans actually achieve their objectives.
  • Harvard Business Review research found that companies on average deliver only 63 percent of the financial performance their strategies promise.
  • A separate Harvard Business Review study found that 60 percent of organizations do not link their financial budgets to strategic priorities. Furthermore, 85 percent of executive leadership teams spent less than one hour per month discussing their unit’s strategy, with 50 percent spending no time at all.

From our experience, this mismatch between effort spent and results obtained is a product of the strategic planning and review process itself, not the actual strategies. Linking resources to strategic priorities is absolutely crucial to ensuring their success. Reviewing progress against strategies and initiatives on a monthly or quarterly basis is essential to ensure that you are on track to make your numbers at the end of the year. Failing to take these actions will result in the continued inability to hit the financial performance targets you’ve set.

In the military, strategic plans are constantly reassessed after they are formulated on a rolling basis. This method inspired us to develop a rolling quarterly calculated planning process for the private sector.

In today’s dynamic world, creating a strategy at the beginning of the year and seeing how you did at the end no longer works—there are simply too many variables and disruptions to leave to chance.

Rolling, not static, strategic planning is the best way for companies to consistently impact performance in the fluid environment of the 21st century.

Our Approach

We partner with our clients to refine their strategic and financial planning processes in order to better mitigate risk and take advantage of opportunities.

A more effective and iterative strategic planning process improves your risk identification and mitigation abilities, enabling you to pivot and act decisively as challenges arise.

The intent behind our process is to gauge progress on current strategic initiatives on a quarterly review cadence, allowing you to assess changes in the internal and external operating environment in order to sustain constant adaptability for the enterprise.

Overview of Solutions

Rolling operational plan review

Our rolling strategic planning process in which you assess progress against your strategies.

Quarterly offsite

Facilitated 1-3 day session, usually at the end of a quarter to help prepare for the next one.


Our rolling operational plan review is far more effective and responsive than an annual strategy development process, as it allows a company to review strategic initiative progress over the past quarter, make strategic decisions in support of activities and resources for the next six quarters, identify obstacles and risks to the execution of the plan, and determine any necessary mitigation measures.

When fully implemented, our process greatly simplifies annual strategic planning and finalization of annual budgets, which are usually required by corporate Board of Directors, saving time and reducing the scramble that usually precipitates budget submission.

Outcomes Achieved

Clients have used our strategic planning process to great effect.

After implementing our rolling operational plan review process, a consumer products company went from missing numbers every quarter to over-delivering for eight quarters in a row, which was rewarded by the market.

The company was able to achieve better than expected performance, even in the face of sales that were lower than originally projected. This consistent performance enabled them to achieve above-expected returns for its shareholders.

Advisory Services

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President of a leading consumer products company

We went from missing our numbers every quarter to over-delivering for eight quarters in a row.