John Vines

John Vines

John R. Vines is a retired Lieutenant General who is regarded as one of the most influential U.S. military leaders of the past twenty years.

An outstanding American soldier, Vines’ lifetime of leadership and service serve as a shining example of how to lead organizations through disruptions and volatile environments.

After an illustrious 35-year career, Vines retired in 2007 after being in continuous command for his last six years of service, including as Commander of the US Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps and of Multi- National Corps – Iraq.

Vines now serves as a Chief People Officer at McChrystal Group, co-founded by John’s close colleague of almost 30 years, General Stanley McChrystal. At McChrystal Group, Vines advises and mentors senior executives at numerous multi-national companies on leadership, strategy, and team building.

Known as the “Soldiers’ General,” Vines’ commitment to his troops was unparalleled and he was immensely respected by his troops. He is renowned for his focus on building personal relationships and ability to gain the respect of those he commanded.

“In the end, those who follow you willingly do it because they trust you and are inspired by you. They are counting on you to have their backs and to be right.”
— Lieutenant General John R. Vines

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