Jeff Kotz


Jeff KotzJeff Kotz is a Principal at McChrystal Group, focusing on innovation and new product development within Team Discovery. Jeff leads the design team and execution for the Leader Behavior Diagnostic and has contributed to the design of Team Discovery's Organizational Diagnostic for years. Jeff's current innovation focus is systematically leveraging lessons learned from years of McChrystal Group's quantitative research to drive his team and company's thought leadership.

Prior to joining McChrystal Group, Jeff worked as a Professor at Providence College School of Business, where he taught Statistics and Marketing Research for six years. In 2017, Jeff was awarded the Green Family Award for Teaching Excellence, and in 2016, won the Providence College School of Business Teaching Innovation Award. He was the advisor for over 500 undergraduate students during his professorship. Outside academia, Jeff has worked for international research firms on product development and marketing teams. Jeff has also managed a private research consultancy designing user profiles for the food and beverage vertical.

Jeff received a Master of Arts in Communication Science from the University of Connecticut with a quantitative focus in the field of Emotion, and a Bachelor of Science in both Mathematics and Communication from Juniata College. Jeff has presented his academic research at national and international conferences, including work on trust, emotion, persuasion, and technical best practices within the field of Communication.