John R. Vines


john-r-vinesJohn R. Vines is a Partner and the Chief People Officer at McChrystal Group. He mentors client executives globally on leadership and strategy, as well as leads McChrystal Group’s human capital growth and development.

John retired from the United States Army in 2007, at the rank of Lieutenant General, after 35 years of active service. He was in continuous command for his last six years of service, including as Commander of the US Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps and of Multi-National Corps – Iraq during one of the most violent periods of the US presence in Iraq. In this latter position, he commanded a coalition force consisting of 178,000 soldiers from 27 nations, and oversaw two elections that ratified the Iraqi constitution and selected the permanent government.

Prior to his command of Multi-National Corps – Iraq, John commanded the Combined Joint Task Force 180 Afghanistan, where he commanded a task force of 10,000 US and coalition soldiers, deployed reconstruction teams, and worked closely with the President of Afghanistan. He also commanded the 18,000-strong 82nd Airborne Division. As well, John served as the Chief of the Office of Military Cooperation in Egypt, and served as the Senior Defense Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Following retirement, John was a Department of Defense senior mentor to military commanders prior to deployment to combat zones. At the time of his retirement, he was the oldest Soldier in the US Army on airborne jump status, and was considered a role model and a mentor for younger officers due to his numerous combat commands and hands-on leadership style. At his retirement ceremony, he was given the accolade, “For the next twenty years, the combat arms commanders will look, act and lead like John Vines."