Keith Pellegrini


Keith Pellegrini is a Principal at McChrystal Group currently helping a community in the strategic Permian Basin of West Texas become a Team of Teams. He previously advised one of the largest oil and gas firms in the world.

Keith retired from the U.S. Army after a 28-year career as a Special Forces officer, most of which was spent in our nation’s premier Special Operations units. He culminated his career as the Senior U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Representative to the Central Intelligence Agency where he led collaboration between SOCOM’s 70k person, $11b enterprise and the CIA’s operational Mission Centers, partnering to address our nation’s most complex security threats across the globe.

His previous assignments included Deputy Commander of a Special Mission Unit, Deputy Commander of a Joint Interagency Task Force and Battalion Commander in the 82nd Airborne Division. Keith also served as the Chief of Operations for a 3,000-person Joint Special Operations Task Force in Balad, Iraq and as a Troop Commander on the first ground combat operation into Afghanistan after 9/11. He has deployed 6 times to combat and 6 times on contingency operations.

Keith is a graduate of The American University (B.A., International Studies) and the U.S. Naval War College (M.A., with distinction, National Security and Strategic Studies). In 2005, he was selected by President George W. Bush to serve as a White House Fellow in the nation’s premier leadership and public service fellowship program. Keith has guest lectured at Georgetown University School of Law, The American University College of Law, CIA University and both the Army and Naval War Colleges. He is the proud father of twins, an Ironman triathlete and is returning to running ultra-marathons.