Marty Schweitzer


Marty Schweitzer is a Partner at McChrystal Group. Most recently Marty was the owner, president, and CEO of Network Designs which is a high-end IT company based out of McLean, Virginia. He started at Network Designs in 2014 as COO and was responsible for synchronizing company efforts, growing the company, and increasing probability. Prior to Network Designs, he held roles as Deputy Director Regional Operations, Joint Staff where he managed the day to day operations and global risk of the United States Military, and as Deputy Commanding General, 82nd Airborne Division where he was responsible for the operational effectiveness of the 82nd Airborne Division. From 1985 through 2010 he served at every leadership level within the military structure from platoon leader through Brigade command in peace and conflict.


Marty earned a master’s degree in national security and strategy from the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., and a master’s in education (instructional systems technology) from Indiana University. He received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Old Dominion University. He has led numerous speaking engagements with a special focus on leadership, been featured on New York radio talk stations and in blog interviews, and lead seminars on how to transition out of the military.