Victor Bilgen

Senior Principal

victor-bilgenVictor Bilgen is a Senior Principal at McChrystal Group and head of our Discovery Team. Victor leads a team of data scientists, statisticians, and network analysts, creating tailored organizational performance analysis products for clients to provide insights into leadership, communication, strategy and more.

An expert in research design, Victor led the development of McChrystal Group’s Organizational Diagnostic, creating the surveys and analytical methodology used to baseline organizations on our Team of Teams model. Victor also pioneered the creation of our Leader Behavior Diagnostic (LBD), which identifies the capabilities and character traits of individual leaders, allowing them to maximize success.

As a thought leader in the area of network analysis and data analytics, Victor regularly presents at industry conferences, including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference and Connected Commons.

Since joining McChrystal Group in 2012, Victor has analyzed over 40 companies, across over 60 projects, analyzing data from 60,000 individual respondents.

Victor previously worked as a Senior Research Analyst at Ipsos ASI, a leading market research firm specializing in brand communications. As part of their research team, Victor created automation templates and supported a massive database migration as part of a company-wide transformation program.

Victor received a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Sociology and a Master of Science in Marketing Communication from the University of Connecticut. In his spare time, Victor is an accomplished musician and avid outdoorsman.