An absolute masterpiece on the subject of risk! Brilliant and highly entertaining, this book is essential reading for every leader, regardless of age or experience.”
Jami Miscik Admira William H. McRaven
US Navy (Retired)


A brilliant user’s guide that demonstrates how managing risk is about how we lead, rather than getting mathematical equations right. Fundamental reading for any leader looking to understand and strengthen their team’s Risk Immune System.”
Annie Duke
Best Selling Author of “Thinking in Bets and How to Decide”


General McChrystal is swiftly becoming our most important leadership voice. Measured, meticulous, and filled with practical, pragmatic wisdom from both war and peace, his clear-eyed, unsentimental guidance cuts to the heart of our precarious existence. A must-read leadership bible for troubling times.”
James Kerr
Best Selling Author of “Legacy”


An essential playbook on mastering all dimensions of risk. For soldiers, educators, CEOs, entrepreneurs, government leaders, and everyone in between, the general captures, with precision and clarity, how staying risk fit can unleash your team's maximum potential.”
Keith Karch
Former Under Secretary of State
Chairman and CEO of Docusign and Ariba
Chairman of Purdue University Board of Trustees