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People Analytics

Organizations advance when team intelligence works. Expedite progress with solutions that channel team resources to where they are needed most.

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Does your data analytics leave your organization running in place?

It’s hard for an organization to make progress when teams are out of sync with its priorities. The misalignment leads to wasted resources, bad hires, and missed opportunities. 

  • Disappointed by past efforts to fix team-organization alignment?
  • Are the best people, processes, and technology not making much difference?
  • Struggling to hire and/or retain the talent you need?
  • Ready to advance?

Move forward fast.

Tap our Team Intelligence solutions to finally trade the treadmill for traction.

Data Analytics to close Gaps

Close Alignment Gaps

Expose hidden causes behind performance problems and fix them once and for all.

Magnifying Glass on employee retention

Hire & Keep Great Talent

Avoid bad hires and fill your teams with talent that fits the organization’s priorities, culture, and long-term goals.

Data Analytics of networks

Make Smarter Moves

Turn data the organization already has into insights that will help take it where it needs to go.

Presentation to Group of Employees

Solutions to Activate Progress

Organizational Diagnostic

Underneath your org chart is an engine of human connections that enable results. When performance idles, an Organizational Diagnostic pops the hood to find what’s wrong with advanced data analytics.

Why perform an Organizational Diagnostic?
  • Uncover and optimize the hidden networks that get things done. 
  • Reveal how employees perceive the organization and use those insights to boost engagement.
  • Map the effectiveness of leaders and drive desired behaviors.

Your organization is as healthy as the hidden connections that enable performance. Use the Organizational Diagnostic to make the connections visible so you can make them work better. 

Talent Sciences

Win and retain talent that moves the organization forward.

Nothing derails a team’s progress like bad hires and high turnover. Talent Sciences uses data analytics to take the guesswork out of human capital so your teams can stay on track. 

Why work with Talent Sciences?
  • Use deep data analytics to identify skill gaps and build precise profiles of the talent you need.
  • Use predictive modeling to spot candidate traits that will improve KPIs.
  • Avoid high-risk candidates and reduce attrition with data-informed interventions.

Who you hire (and don’t) will have an enormous influence on your organization's momentum. Tap Talent Sciences to make your team building less risky and much smarter.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Turn existing data into smart action.

Your data should empower intelligent execution across the organization. If it doesn’t, our Microsoft Solutions partnership can get your teams the insights to move forward smarter and faster. 

How can our Microsoft Solutions partnership help your teams?
  • Blend key data to align all your teams to the organization’s strategic priorities​.
  • Simplify knowledge-to-action with platforms that integrate comms, resources, and insights.
  • Harness and centralize knowledge to flatten learning curves and accelerate onboarding.

The right insights to the right people at the right time can empower your teams to act quickly and precisely.

McChrystal Group is a certified Microsoft Gold partner, earned by companies that are committed to abiding by the highest standards of customer service and work closely alongside Microsoft, and are skilled to the highest level on all Microsoft platforms.