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Team of Teams Capabilities

Common Purpose

Unifying goals, values, and strategies that transform a group of individuals into a committed, driven team

Common Purpose Discussion

Why Common Purpose Matters

The company’s mission should be tangible, inspiring, and relevant to all levels. It is the glue connecting the team. In times of crisis, common purpose is critical. Just as military units need a clear mission to be effective under pressure, having a common purpose allows your group to be decisive in difficult situations. The purpose should provide meaningful guidance, not just be a bumper sticker. Ownership in the mission must trickle all the way down to frontline workers. Every individual on the team must feel a personal alignment with the group’s purpose.

Teams across an organization must have a clear “north star,” a collective understanding of where we are going, why we are going there, and how we are going to get there.

How it Works

Common Purpose is a critical component of the Team of Teams® framework, which emphasizes four key capabilities for high-performing teams. Common Purpose is just one of the four in this model and without a committed effort to build and develop all four, it is all the more difficult to operate as a high-performing team.

Shared values of Teams of Teams

Team of Teams® Framework

At its core, Team of Teams® offers an innovative model for leading organizations. It argues that organizations can create a hybrid, teaming-based model if they communicate with greater speed, inclusion, and transparency—and adjust their culture and leadership behavior in conjunction with these process changes.

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