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Executive Team Accelerator

Harnessing the Team of Teams® Advantage


Organizations Perform When Teams Work. When it comes to the Executive Team, this is even more true.

Strategy and culture are the keys to your organization’s performance. Those keys and that performance is directly shaped by the Executive Team where high-performance is not just an advantage but a necessity. If the Team is operating with anything less than excellence, the organization will suffer lower productivity, higher turnover, increased risk, and missed opportunities.


Executive Team Accelerator Overview

Together, we’ll amplify individual strengths, eradicate weaknesses, and foster unwavering trust, all while forging a shared vision that accelerates the Executive Team into a higher gear. The team will learn to navigate complex decisions, set clear priorities, manage tensions and paradoxes, model an inclusive culture, and take decisive action – with the rest of the organization following their lead.



We Build Custom Solutions to Accelerate Your Executive Team Around Five Factors

Executive Team Accelerator timeline








  • SHARED VALUES: A shared vision, mission, and principles anchor the team’s common purpose that serves as its North Star

  • ALIGNED STRATEGY: Execution of the common purpose is driven by a set of prioritized objectives, strategies, initiatives and metrics that define individual and collective goals

  • RIGHT LEADERSHIP: The right mix of skills, knowledge, and experience enable the team to embrace empowered execution within their defined decision space

  • PRODUCTIVE NORMS: Clear standards of behavior foster trust, psychological safety, accountability, and productive relationships

  • EFFECTIVE MECHANICS: Effective processes, technology, and operating rhythm create shared consciousness to promote collaboration, coordination, and decision-making.






The Custom Solution is Delivered Over Three Phases Across Six Months

Executive Team Accelerator Phase Timeline






Phase 1 Discover


We use a combination of analytic tools and methods to evaluate the most critical opportunities, challenges, and risks for your team and your business.


What We Do:
  • Codify the Team Leader’s vision and intent
  • Identify areas of strategy misalignment
  • Determine capability requirements and gaps on the team
  • Assess team dynamics and potential friction points
  • Evaluate the efficacy of the team’s operations
  • Synthesize findings in a Discovery Brief

What We Need From You:
  • 2x intake working sessions with Team Leader (CEO)
  • 1-hour interviews with each Team Member
  • Team assessment completed by each Team Member
  • Access to data, documents, and personnel to explore the team’s strategy, performance, and mechanics


Phase 2 Accelerate

Phase 2: Accelerate

Based on findings from DISCOVER, we align the team on your strategic priorities and then enhance the way you operate together to drive better, faster decisions.


What We Do:
  • Establish strategic priorities, identify barriers to execution, and assign accountability
  • Define the executive decision-making process (including decision authorities) and agree on operational mechanics
  • Identify individual growth areas and build custom development plans

What We Need From You:
  • 2x Team Offsites with entire team in attendance (typically 2 days in length for each offsite)
  • Access to observe select Executive Team meetings
  • Regular attendance at Individual and/or Team advisory sessions (typically bi-weekly)


Executive Team Accelerator Phase 3: Sustain

Phase 3: Sustain

We maintain the momentum generated during ACCELERATE to sustain the team-level changes and drive individual accountability for each Executive’s performance.


What We Do:
  • Support individual leader development and monitor progress on development plans
  • Assess progress on strategic priorities, team dynamics and alignment
  • Facilitate interventions as needed
What We Need From You:
  • Regular attendance at Individual and/or Team advisory sessions (typically bi-weekly)
  • Access to each Team member (and other key personnel) to assess progress
  • Progress review session with Team Leader (CEO)

Get your team operating at their full potential.