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Creating A Plan For Your First 100 Days

Those first 100 days are both a daunting challenge but also an unrivaled opportunity.

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How can leaders hit the ground running?

Whether you are an established leader taking on a new role within your organization or a complete newcomer, your first 100 days as a leader are vitally important. This period will set the tone for your entire tenure as your employees decide the kind of leader you are, as well as your priorities and values.

In the video below, you'll gather wisdom and insight from a host of leaders with decades of collective experience leading high-performing teams across industries in both the public and private sectors.



From defining success to goal setting and everything in between, our workbook is designed specifically for leaders striving to ensure success in their first 100 days in a new role to establish a foundation for the long run.


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The first 100 days are critical, and we're here to help you make the most of them with these five steps:

#1 Be Intentional
#2 Formulate A Strategy
#3 Develop A Direction
#4 Connect With Your Team
#5 Build Your Network

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