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Communication & Collaboration

Organizations are agile when teamwork works. Obtain the agility of a start-up with a communication infrastructure that keeps all of your teams working together as one.

Commmunication and Collaboration
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What can less agility cost your organization?

As organizations grow, so do the structural gaps that separate their teams. 

When these gaps get too wide for cross-functional teams to work together effectively, the organization can't marshal responses to opportunities or threats in time. 

  • Do your functional teams live in silos?
  • Is it a struggle to get them working together?
  • Do your teams seem to be stuck in one meeting after another?
  • Is your organization being outmaneuvered by smaller rivals?

Move like a start-up.

With a communication infrastructure from McChrystal Group, you can close the collaboration gaps separating your teams so the organization can respond to market changes fast.

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Bring teams together no matter where they operate with a communication structure that makes it easy for team members to connect and engage.

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Replace multiple, unproductive meetings with a simple process that keeps all your teams in the loop, coordinated, and working together seamlessly.

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With an infrastructure that supports the natural exchange of information and ideas, teams can more easily coordinate the changes the organization needs when it needs it.

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Solutions to Activate Agility

Communications Forum

A Communications Forum is like a huddle for your entire organization. It connects everyone to share the right information at the right time so they can coordinate the next play fast. 

How is a Communications Forum different from conventional meetings?
  • It’s tailored around achieving your specific business objectives.
  • It connects otherwise siloed problems to new solutions.
  • It keeps all your teams in sync with each other and the organization.

In fact, we design Communications Forums to reduce the number of meetings your teams will need. So they can use the time they save on execution. 

Operating Rhythm

Make execution your team's secret weapon.

When the way your teams work together is lacking, so is their execution. Our Operating Rhythm solutions replace problematic patterns with structured, repeatable processes that work.

Why choose our Operating Rhythm solutions?
  • Design your teams’ communication cadence around the organization's priorities.
  • Align team members around a shared purpose and the parts they each play to fulfill it.
  • Structure feedback processes so they drive continuous improvement. Your teams are capable, but habitual patterns can and will hold them back.

Give them the power to break bad cycles and cement rhythms that improve the organization's performance. 

Fusion Cell Integration Teams

A “special ops” forum to streamline great decisions.

Fusion Cells convene specialists from across functions to resolve urgent, complex problems. They give executives the power to make smart decisions fast. 

Why create a Fusion Cell?
  • Eliminate cross-function bottlenecks that stall decisions when time is short.
  • Quickly turn information into contextualized, fact-based intelligence.
  • Give decision-makers options vetted by experts from every relevant function.

When tough problems demand fast action, Fusion Cells give executives the “whole-of-business” perspective they need to make timely, intelligent decisions. 

Enterprise Solutions

Embedding our Enterprise Solutions technology team will provide your organization with digital tools to support strategic alignment, workplace modernization, enterprise collaboration, transparency, and coordination.

These solutions catalyze other efforts to drive organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Enterprise Solutions?
  • Create intentional spaces and solutions that enable rather than impede cross-functional collaboration.
  • Integrate existing systems and platforms to utilize your organization’s technological investments better.
  • Demolishing digital silos to streamline communications eradicating the digital divide.


Collaboration Framework

Today's work environment demands that organizations be adaptable in all the ways they work together. Our collaboration methodology transforms how information is shared, stored, and interacted within your team’s day-to-day stream of work.


Communication Architecture

Having a successful communication infrastructure requires thoughtful planning and deployment. Our team of experts is adept at weaving together voice, video, and data into a coherent communications system that is required for our global and hybrid world.