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Team of Teams Capabilities


Faith in the benevolence, competence, and ​reliability of a teammate​ and others

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Why Trust Matters

We believe teams are the great differentiator in organizational effectiveness and know from our years working with teams across industries that Trust is one of the four capabilities consistently demonstrated by high-performing teams.

Trust is faith in the benevolence, competence, and ​reliability of a teammate. When organizations ask us to remove uncertainty among their teams, we do so by installing the capability of Trust. The result is an environment in which people feel safe to share their ideas, innovate and fuel growth.

Throughout this page, you'll find all of our resources on Trust, featuring videos on how to build Trust in your teams and grow it at scale as well as practical success stories of how teams build Trust.


Do I trust that the person has the knowledge skills and ability to get the job done?


Do I trust that the person is thinking of others and has my best interests in mind?


Do I trust that the person will do the right thing consistently and take responsibility for all the impacts created?

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How it Works

Trust is one of our guiding principles, and we believe it's a prerequisite for any high-performing team. How do you build it in your work relationships, among members of your team, and then scale it throughout your organization? Meghan Bourne explains in part one of this three-part series.

Trust is a critical component of the Team of Teams® framework, which emphasizes four key capabilities for high-performing teams. Trust is the first step in this model because, without a foundation of trust, it is all the more difficult to achieve the other three capabilities.

When teams trust each other, they are more likely to work towards a shared purpose, execute effectively, and communicate openly. Building trust between teams fosters a more positive and productive work environment and lays the foundation for unlocking the power of your teams and driving the results that matter.

Team of Teams Model

Team of Teams® Framework

At its core, Team of Teams® offers an innovative model for leading organizations. It argues that organizations can create a hybrid, teaming-based model if they communicate with greater speed, inclusion, and transparency—and adjust their culture and leadership behavior in conjunction with these process changes.

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