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Leading in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Meet the moment. Technology can improve many things, but leadership will be the differentiator.
Artificial Intelligence in Action

Leaders need to have a clear and compelling vision of how AI can enhance their organization's mission, values, and goals

Leaders must be able to communicate this vision to their stakeholders, both internally and externally, and align their strategies and actions.

Leaders also need to be aware of the potential risks and trade-offs of AI, and balance them with the benefits and opportunities.

They need to anticipate and address the ethical and social implications of AI, and ensure that their AI systems are fair, accountable, transparent, and human-centered.

To this end, we know organizations are already struggling with technology adoption and transformation. Only 39% of employees agree that their organization has the necessary technology in place to operate effectively, and only 29% agree their organization has an effective knowledge management system. 


Organizations everywhere are now wondering how, and to what extent, they should incorporate AI into their operations.

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