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Team Simulations

Make sure your teams can deliver when it counts.

Team Working Together at Table

Our thoughtfully designed and curated simulations can be conducted in-person or virtually and accommodate teams as small as 10 or as large as 300 individuals. Participants engage in a role-playing simulation designed to surface positive and negative team and individual behaviors in the context of a complex challenge.

All McChrystal Group simulations force groups to navigate the difficulties of cross-functional teamwork while addressing complex problems, and placing individuals in a scenario in which they cannot rely on their business expertise to solve.


Why choose our Team Simulations?

Interactive group simulations underscore the importance of working as a cohesive unit, particularly when pursuing a grand objective in the face of complicated and high-pressure circumstances. Each of the below scenarios are customized and underscore the importance of information sharing, negotiation, and trust building across teams and cultures and sets conditions for a debrief on the Team of Teams® concepts.

Learn more about our experiential sessions that use a variety of interactive elements to facilitate dialogue around your team’s most pressing challenges and opportunities, while developing their own abilities as leaders.

I found the simulation invaluable. It provided a forum that promoted a common understanding of the challenges participants face during a cyber-incident…this simulation broke down the walls and brought the experts together.

Federal Law Enforcement

Emergency Management Simulation

The Emergency Management Simulation takes participants out of their comfort zone and into a hurricane making landfall on the Texas coast. Participants role play as members of Local Police, Coast Guard, or National Guard units making time-sensitive resource allocation decisions. Participants work towards a common mission, forging new relationships and testing communication, collaboration, and uncertainty amongst competing interests


Special Operations Simulation

The Special Operations Simulation enables participants to experience the genesis of the Team of Teams approach. Participants role-play as elite Navy SEAL, Army Delta Force, and Central Intelligence Agency units planning a complex operation in a dynamic environment. This simulation forces the group to navigate the difficulties associated with cross-functional teamwork while addressing an inter-connected problem set.


Cybersecurity Simulation

The Cybersecurity Simulation challenges participants to assume the role of corporate executives responding to a rapidly evolving cyber incident. This simulation forces the group to collaborate in real time to align on mitigation strategies, prioritize limited resources, and make decisions on imperfect information.

The cross-communication between all the teams (during the simulation) is something that we have needed ever since the reorganization. This is exceedingly helpful in demonstrating what each group brings to the table.

Healthcare Organization


  • Engage in memorable experiences that build trust between team members.
  • Develop a shared language, and mutual accountability, in support of a more connected and collaborative way of working.
  • Refocus and re-energize the team on the mission, as well as key priorities and decisions.
  • Reinforce critical parts of your culture that are essential for sustained performance.
  • Acquire practical tools and techniques for building resilience and adapting to change.

Get your team operating at their full potential.