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Operating Rhythm

Make execution your team’s secret weapon.

When the way your teams work together is lacking, so is their execution. Our Operating Rhythm solutions replace problematic patterns with structured, repeatable processes that work.


Why Choose Our Operating Rhythm Solutions?

  • Design your teams' communication cadence around the organization's priorities.
  • Align team members around a shared purpose and the parts they each play to fulfill it.
  • Structure feedback processes so they drive continuous improvement. Your teams are capable, but habitual patterns can and will hold them back.

Only 46% say teams within their organization collaborate in a way that contributes to overall success.

49% agree

Less than half say there are processes in place to disseminate new information throughout their organization.

Operating Rhythm Links Strategy to Execution

Operating Rhythm establishes a regular ​cadence of activities by which the business meets, ​synchronizes, and disperses to act on leadership’s intent. ​

An effective operating rhythm has the following characteristics:

  • Reinforces strategic intent and priorities
  • Connects and synchronizes cross-functional teams
  • Enables the sharing of information, context, best practices, and organizational learning
  • Fosters ecosystem thinking and a team-based culture of winning together
  • Promotes organizational focus, drives accountability for the delivery of meaningful business results
  • Surfaces issues and opportunities, enables timely and effective decisions
  • Helps organizations anticipate and adapt to operating environment changes


Organizational Operating Rhythym Chart


Give your team the power to break bad cycles and cement rhythms that improve the organization's performance.

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