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Strategy Alignment & OKRs

Our Strategy Alignment & OKRs help you give the organization's execution the traction it needs to advance strategy and keep pace with change.

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Maximize the Strategic Impact of Your Organization's Execution

Strategic complexity and ambiguity get in the way of organizational momentum and adaptability. Many teams struggle to balance short-term pressures with long-term strategic objectives—how organizations define success. To be successful in today’s complex and unpredictable marketplace, leaders must effectively clarify their vision, clearly define what success looks like, determine how they will measure and achieve success, prioritize their limited resources, and align their team around their plan.


The McChrystal Group team was able to provide organization, structure and really the discipline we needed and did not have before…the results are very apparent and visible. We could not have had a better partner for this.”


Senior Executive, Telecommunications Company

Only 37% of people agree that teams within their organization share the same perspective on how to succeed in their industry

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Align your organization on a shared set of strategic priorities, allowing for a more effective allocation of resources, and enabling the team to accomplish objectives and create value.

Our solutions are tailored for each client to ensure the senior leadership team is aligned on a common set of actionable strategies to cascade these and create lower-level team goals and initiatives. Bottom-up refinement and identification of horizontal and vertical dependencies are integral to our approach.​

Integrating OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
We incorporate OKRs into our strategy alignment process to ensure clear, measurable goals at all levels of the organization. This method fosters accountability and transparency, driving teams to focus on what truly matters and achieve significant results.

Key Benefits of OKRs in Strategy Alignment:

  • Clarity and Focus: Define clear objectives and measurable key results that align with the strategic priorities.
  • Alignment and Engagement: Ensure all team members understand how their efforts contribute to the broader goals.
  • Agility and Adaptability: Regularly review and adjust OKRs to respond to changes in the internal and external environment.

Our approach to execution features regular progress reviews for an organization’s ongoing initiatives on a rolling six-quarter cadence, allowing clients to assess changes in the internal and external operating environment and adapt the enterprise accordingly.

To learn more about strategy alignment visit our resources page here.

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