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Improve Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Transformative Strategies and Cutting-Edge Tools for the Workforce of Tomorrow.

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McChrystal Group uses Microsoft Viva to Empower the Real Driver of Success: People.

In partnership with Microsoft, McChrystal Group builds dynamic, tailored technological solutions to improve team effectiveness, achieve strategic alignment, and foster communication and collaboration. Technology propels us forward, but people drive progress. Our commitment extends beyond tools and platforms—we harness the unparalleled potential of teams using Microsoft Viva.

How we Harness the Power of Teams with Microsoft Viva:

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See the Full Picture with Microsoft Viva Insights

Optimize collaboration, drive business value, identify bad processes, and develop high impact interventions.

  • Harness Data Intelligently
    Use passive data to identify inefficient processes and shed light on successful interventions, providing a clearer path to tangible improvements.
  • Behavioral Analysis
    Dive deeper into performance by correlating tangible outcomes with employee behaviors, revealing not just the 'what', but also the 'why'.
  • Remote Work Excellence
    Engage remote employees with meaningful interactions and aligned organizational purpose, enhancing virtual collaboration.
  • Innovation Catalyst
    Encourage the right cross-functional collaboration to generate new ideas and accelerate growth.
  • Continuous Assessment
    Instead of sporadic evaluations, utilize passive data for ongoing collaboration audits without inducing survey fatigue.

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Drive STRATEGY EXECUTION through Microsoft Viva Goals

Shift Static Plans to Dynamic Operating Systems Anchored by Tangible Outcomes.

  • Dynamic Business Blueprints
    Replace static, unyielding strategies with adaptable, outcome-driven plans that evolve as your business does.
  • Trust and Growth
    Foster a culture of trust and individual accountability, laying the groundwork for genuine team growth.
  • Vision-Driven Tasks
    Seamlessly align everyday tasks with overarching organizational aims, ensuring common purpose.
  • Transparent Execution
    By implementing the OKR framework, ensure the employee experience is rooted in transparency and clarity, focusing on impactful business outcomes.

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Cultivate a Resilient Culture, Effective Communication with Microsoft Viva Connections

Empower Every Voice and Strengthen Organizational Bonds.

  • Information Prioritization
    In the era of information overload, offer employees a curated, role-specific feed, ensuring they remain focused and informed.
  • Community Engagement
    Integrate with Viva Engage to keep community news and updates ever-present in users’ daily feeds, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Organizational Resilience
    Viva Connections strengthens an organization's ability to adapt and thrive amidst challenges, ensuring teams remain cohesive and purpose driven.

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Foster Authentic Engagement with Microsoft Viva Engage

Deepen Connections in a Digital Era.

  • Digital Communities
    Create digital spaces where employees can connect for professional and personal development.
  • Organizational Conversation
    Provide venues for leadership to engage in two-way dialogues that encourage inclusion, inspire innovation, and focus on driving business value.
  • Strengthen Bonds
    Emphasize the creation and nurturing of deep relationships, building meaningful relationships that shape employee retention.

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Empower Growth with Microsoft Viva Learning

Equip employees with the tools and knowledge to adapt, excel, and drive forward.

  • Accelerate Onboarding
    Reduce the learning curve and inconsistency in onboarding, ensuring every employee’s experience is built on a foundation for success.
  • On-demand Learning
    Make meaningful learning resources accessible and relevant, enabling constant upskilling and alignment with professional goals and organizational strategy.
  • Centralized Knowledge
    Consolidate learning assets where employees spend their day, optimizing access and utility.

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Streamline Knowledge with Microsoft Viva Topics

Optimize information flow by centralizing and organizing content, connect expertise to those seeking insights, foster a culture of informed decision-making.

  • Curated Content
    Bring organization and expert curation to your content, making pertinent information easily discoverable and enhancing its value.
  • Drive Efficiency
    By simplifying the search and tag process, employees spend less time hunting for information and more time applying it.
  • Expertise Access
    With a streamlined interface, align in-house experts with those seeking guidance, fostering information sharing and collaborative growth.