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Organizational Diagnostic

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Why an Organizational Diagnostic is critical to making your teams work.

Let’s be honest: It’s hard to change organizational processes and behavior. Even if you correctly identify the root of the problem, good luck getting consensus that you’re right. And even if you do, prioritizing and aligning which roadblocks to focus on first to operate as a high performing team is impossible without a data-driven approach.

Change requires a data-driven approach. That’s why we combine data and hard-won experience to tackle behavior change.

You can change the processes and behaviors that are holding your teams back. We’ll show you the numbers and recommendations to prove it.

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Performance Analysis

Understand how employees perceive the organization and its leaders

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Network Analysis

Uncover how each individual works together within the organization

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Qualitative Analysis

Gain organization-specific context to support the quantitative data

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Leader Behavior Diagnostic

Discover the path to catalyze your leadership development

Organizational Performance Analysis

Organizational Performance Analysis assesses the core capabilities of high performing teams and allows you to understand whether your systems and processes are enabling everyone to do their best work. Ensure workplace inclusion, engagement, and high performance by assessing your teams across demographic, tenure, and experiential dimensions.


Example Output
Example of Performance Analysis
Example of Performance Analysis with Bar Chart
Example of Performance Analysis with Charts

Network Analysis

In its most basic form, organizational network analysis is a data-driven study of the individuals or groups within an organization and the links or connections between them.

Leaders can leverage network analysis to understand the following: how knowledge flows through their teams, the key individuals throughout their network who speed up or slow down certain processes and information, and the challenges they need to address to facilitate those flows and processes.

This can help drive revenue growth, promote quicker innovation, improve organizational performance through stronger communication and collaboration, and drive organizational transformation.

We know from experience that no matter how effective, most leaders do not understand their networks unless they have done a thorough data analysis. We can change that.

Example Output
Person Viewing Screen with Analysis

Network Analysis allows us to understand how the organization’s network truly communicates outside of the standard hierarchical chart—starting with two simple questions:​

  1. Who do you go to as a good source of information or help?​
  2. Who do you need more access to in order to accomplish your business objectives?​

From those questions, McChrystal Group analyzes communication patterns, identifying information flows, decision making pathways, and bottlenecks.

Watch this short film from Managing Partner Victor Bilgen on Network Analysis

Leadership Behavior Diagnostic

Understanding what your base tendencies are as a leader, and how they change as you experience stress and change, will help you maximize your positive impact. Our Leader Behavior Diagnostic builds this self-awareness and provides the input to develop a tailored coaching and development plan, to guide you to improve in the highest-impact ways.

Viewing a team’s results in aggregate can help senior executives better understand the teams they lead, and can shape how to develop a team, its culture, and its leaders to achieve bold ambitions.

Example Output
Example of Leader Behavior Diagnostic Printed Report

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