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Elevate Employee Engagement

Measurement does not generate change. Improved processes drive engagement.

Engaged employees are motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work, and are more likely to be productive, innovative, and loyal to their employer.

Between the dizzying pace of technological advancement, the when and where of how work takes place, and the deluge of information in front of us at all times, engagement is waning and employees are as burned out as ever.

So, what’s to be done?

We know engagement is interconnected with other workplace topics such as well-being, retention, and employee development.

What’s often overlooked is process improvement as a catalyst for engagement.

McChrystal Group research and real-world applications have shown that strategic alignment, empowered decision making, and transparent communication are key drivers of engagement. For example, our research found that when leaders articulate what their team must do and how it contributes to company objectives, their team members are 67% more likely to be highly engaged.


Improved processes will help unite people around a common vision and set of priorities, inspiring people to do their best work. Learn how with our curated collection of resources.


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