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Team Offsites & Workshops

Unite your teams so they are unstoppable.


We design and deliver experiential sessions that use a variety of interactive elements to facilitate dialogue around your team’s most pressing challenges and opportunities while developing their own abilities as leaders.

Sessions can be held in-person or virtually and range from 1–3 days.


Why Your Team Needs An Offsite

The most impactful offsites use a variety of interactive elements to facilitate dialogue around participants’ most pressing challenges and opportunities, all while developing their ability to work as a team. A McChrystal Group-led simulation creates more engagement and learning than a keynote-style presentation alone, ensuring a powerful discussion on what operating as a Team of Teams® could mean for your organization.

This whole workshop and exercise allowed us to think long term, short term, in terms of anticipating failure, and really reflect internally with the organization.

Medical Technology Organization

Once you’ve gone through the McChrystal Group experience, it never leaves you. I use it daily in my new organization, and it’s incredible.

Technology Firm


  • Hold critical discussions that will drive your strategy forward and enable decisive action
  • Refocus and re-energize the team on the mission, as well as key priorities and decisions
  • Promote transparency and diversity of thought to increase engagement and innovative problem-solving
  • Learn best practices and first-hand lessons directly from experienced leaders
  • Reinforce critical parts of your culture that are essential for sustained performance
  • Engage in memorable experiences that build trust between team members
  • Acquire practical tools and techniques for building resilience and adapting to change
Needs Analysis

We leverage surveys and interviews with key stakeholders to gain insights to drive offsite outcomes.

Design & Coordination

We work with you to design a uniquely tailored experience and handle all the important logistics.

Offsite Delivery

We ensure a seamless delivery by seasoned leaders who facilitate critical discussions, and engaging experiences.

Results Report

We capture critical themes that emerge during the offsite and provide recommendations in a useful document.

Our approach tailors simulation-based offsites to create discussion and learning in support of your objectives through a five-step process:

  1. Begin with our client’s strategy and specific challenges in mind 
  2. Tailor the experience with our team of adult learning experts
  3. Leverage our unique approach and perspective on leading teams
  4. Use experienced leaders with exceptional backgrounds to facilitate sessions
  5. Synthesize outputs into actionable recommendations containing practical concepts, tools, and tactics, all backed by research

Get your team operating at their full potential.