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Katie Seifu

Senior Associate
Katie Seifu

Meet Katie

Katie Seifu is a Senior Associate within McChrystal Academy, where she assists in the implementation and execution of leadership development offerings to assist clients in achieving their goals and addressing their most pressing challenges.

What did you do before joining McChrystal Group?

Prior to joining McChrystal Group, I was a national program manager for a large nonprofit organization. I was responsible for leading the growth and development of a new program aimed at partnering with emerging leaders across the United States through volunteering, fundraising, and leadership development work to build a pipeline of future board members and community partners for our organization. I worked with our nationwide chapters established everywhere from Birmingham, AL to Anchorage, AK to support their efforts to utilize their skills and expertise in support of those in need in their local communities.

Why did you join McChrystal Group?

I am so excited to be a part of the McChrystal Group team because it means I get to be surrounded by a team of smart, dedicated experts who are committed to providing excellent solutions to our clients. I am grateful to have the opportunity to utilize my skillset in program management and development in an environment that aligns with my passion for leadership development work.

Why are you passionate about leaders & teams?

I have always believed that the true power of any organization lies within its people. When teams align around common goals and a shared dedication to achieving excellence, they are able to achieve remarkable results. I love helping individuals recognize their personal leadership potential and understand how they can strengthen and improve their team's collective impact.


BSW University of South Florida

MSW Columbia University