Are you a Chief of Staff interested in developing your skills as a leader?

There is plenty out there about the skills Chiefs of Staff need to be effective and successful. But what about the leadership behaviors they need to display?

  • Do you struggle with managing multiple priorities?
  • Is it hard to delegate and let go of certain decisions and responsibilities?
  • Are you thinking about your next role beyond a Chief of Staff and how you want to define your leadership style?

Our approach to Chief of Staff development is not a one-size-fits-all model.

While certain responsibilities are common across the role, we know that how this role is defined is dependent on the organization you’re in, who you work for, and your unique strengths. And while the role has inherent ambiguity, our Chief of Staff Framework is designed to help make sense of that ambiguity by providing guardrails that Chiefs of Staff can leverage.

Our framework was conceived out of hard-won experience and has been tested with hundreds of Chiefs of Staff across the world.

Its message is simple: there are core responsibilities that must be done to enable a leadership team or senior executive to be successful. But as Chiefs of Staff develop, they can (and should) shift from one quadrant to the next, taking on more responsibility and having increased influence across the organization.

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