Organizations perform when teams work, and teams can't work without communication.

Streamline your communication processes and operating models to eliminate waste, increase effectiveness, and improve cross-functional collaboration. ​Our approach improves organization-wide communication, builds internal networks, and reduces the number of meetings, ensuring that your enterprise functions optimally in today’s resource-constrained world.

  • WWB - Communications Forum

    Weekly Whiteboard: Communications Forum

    Improved information-sharing builds the shared situational awareness necessary to achieve your strategic goals. By enabling the timely sharing of information and key performance metrics, you empower your teams to make faster, better decisions.

  • Technology Behind Comms Forum - Main

    The Digital Tools Needed for a Hybrid Communications Forum

    The effective remote work of distributed teams — now more than ever — relies on the technology that makes it possible. Understand what tools your team needs to communicate effectively.

  • healthcare-happy-team-conversation-optimized.jpg

    Helping a Marketing Technology Firm Foster Cross-Functional Collaboration

    Find out how McChrystal Group supported an advertising technology firm through a complex merger by improving communications and empowering team members at every level.

  • wwb-enhancing-performance-through-communication-01

    Enhancing Business Performance Through Improved Communications

    Discover how we developed a forum for leaders to interact regularly as a community where they could exchange best practices and lessons learned as well as share information with each other more efficiently and effectively.

To design a forum that is tailored to the specific needs of the organization, McChrystal Group uses a two-phased approach with an extensive research phase prior to the forum’s launch. The information gathered during the research phase will be analyzed to develop recommendations for your operating rhythm and a bespoke agenda for a forum. 

Research Phase

  • Scoping. Our team will collate information on your structure, strategy, and the purpose and schedule of existing meetings. This information will help us to understand how you are currently communicating.
  • Workshops. Workshops will identify what information participants need access to in order to do their jobs more effectively.


  • Training. Training will be carried out to prepare key individuals for the launch of the forum.
  • Review and Refine. Once the forum is up and running, the embedded team from McChrystal Group will attend all forums to take notes, share lessons learned, and provide recommendations.
  • Having a successful communication infrastructure requires thoughtful planning and deployment. Our team of experts is adept at weaving together voice, video, and data into a coherent communications system required to thrive in our global and hybrid world.​
  • Today’s work environment demands that organizations be adaptable in their ways of workings. Our collaboration methodology transforms how information is shared, stored, and interacted with in your day-to-day stream of work.

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