• Distributed Workforce Communications Improvement

    Solutions and strategies that will allow your team to work remotely without sacrificing performance.

  • Black Swans ARE the New Normal

    Skyrocketing inflation, soaring oil prices, horrific war in the Ukraine, a heart-wrenching refugee crisis, record flooding in Brisbane for the second time in a decade, the emergence of yet a new variant of COVID-19… perhaps the most shocking thing is that we continue to be shocked.

  • Case Study: Diagnosing Critical Risks in a Time of Crisis

    Crises can rarely be predicted. Whether it’s an economic downturn, natural disaster, or global pandemic, no company can develop contingency plans for every possible future scenario. Instead, companies need to make themselves as resilient and adaptable as possible so that they can respond to any crisis quickly and effectively.

  • Strategy Pivot & Alignment

    Designed to produce a deep organizational focus on executing only those priorities which are critical to enterprise survival.

“We brought in the McChrystal Group to help us reorganize the operations of city government around a daily crisis response.”
Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston

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