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Our Executive Coaches and Mentors

Stan McChrystalFounder and CEO

“From 2003-2008, I commanded U.S. counter-terrorist forces while we faced a failing fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq and executed the most fundamental transformation in our 23 year history. It changed me as a leader and my belief in how organizations must operate in today’s increasingly complex environment.”

Christopher FussellPresident

“During my years in the SEAL Teams, I experienced firsthand the transition from a top- down bureaucracy to a decentralized network. We had to pivot quickly from a centralized organization to a globally distributed, highly aligned, and culturally cohesive machine built to win in the Information Age. It’s been my life’s study ever since.”

David RodriguezSenior Advisor

“During the 2014 Ebola epidemic in Liberia, USAFRICOM was assigned the mission to support USAID in responding to the crisis. With no institutional experience, we began a rapid learning process, adapted our capabilities to the task, and worked within an international effort to successfully help Liberia transition from a state of hopelessness to one of confidence.”

Bob WoodBoard Director & Senior Advisor

“When I was selected to lead a company in a deep financial crisis facing serious legal issues, low morale and high turnover of key employees, it was essential that I quickly paint a picture of what we were going to become and how we were going to get there and then build accountability. That was the key to establishing credibility.”

Greg VogleSenior Advisor

“In tough situations a leader has three choices: Drive the train, ride the train, or get under the train, because the train is leaving the station and it’s your choice as a leader.”

Thomas MaffeySenior Advisor

“After 9/11, the fight I had prepared for over the previous 20 years changed radically. As a senior leader in the Army, I had to significantly change how I thought, organized, operated and led in order to be successful in the new environment.”

Maureen McCauslandSenior Advisor

“One of the most pivotal moments in my career came during the 2014 Ebola outbreak. During this time, we coordinated a system-wide response at a regional health system and partnered with other healthcare organizations and governments. It was essential to ground us in our mission to care for patients, their families and communities while working tirelessly to keep our team safe.”

Jeff EggersSenior Advisor

“I led a special operations task unit in western Iraq in 2005-2006 through the peak of violence in that war. Our mission was changing constantly, from advise and assist to combat counter-terrorism missions, and as a result I learned how to make an organization responsive to new market conditions.”

Barry SandersChief Operating Officer

“Over the last 30+ years of my professional career I have dealt with economic crisis, industry crisis, and individual company crisis. I am extremely fortunate to have worked for and learned from a tremendous group of leaders that successfully led our organizations through a wartime crisis and came out stronger on the other side.”

Jim HugginsPartner

“In 2013, I took over as the Chief Operations Officer of the US Army in the midst of two ongoing wars. Four days into my new role, the government shutdown began. In that time, I found it critical to “assess, align, and act” in order to provide our leaders and teams with the right tools to lead us through the crisis. Those ideas and actions are increasingly relevant in the business world today.”

Brendan LearyPartner

“During my years in the SEAL Teams, I experienced the transition of our special operations force from top-down bureaucracy to a highly effective decentralized network. During this time I learned much about leading through change, minimizing organizational friction, and adapting support and resourcing structures to enable effective operations.”

Ed ReinfurtPartner

“When I took over command of a Battalion in Iraq in 2003, we were in daily contact with the enemy, taking casualties, and enduring extreme conditions with limited resources. As a leader, it was my responsibility to provide certainty when none existed and the best leadership that my organization deserved. To this day I believe there is no situation that can’t be overcome with good leadership.”

Marty SchweitzerPartner

“In December of 2013, when I was the Director of Regional Operations on the Joint Staff, the government of South Sudan was about to collapse, and I coordinated the integration of the Department of Defense’s response across the US Government. This event made crystal clear to me the necessity to have a preexisting common purpose, innate trust, and shared consciousness across the organization in order to respond effectively to crises.”

David GillianManaging Partner, European Office

“From 2007-2009 I directed intelligence support for Australia’s global military operations. In the many crises we faced, accurate, concise and relevant information was our daily currency and focused, adaptable leadership essential to success.”

Todd SandersPartner

“From 2010-2013, I had the privilege of leading crisis response teams in the most tumultuous events of our time - the social uprising across North Africa and the Middle East, the military response to Libyan revolution, increased tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, and beyond. Our process, intra-team trust, and resolve proved critical in the must-win situations. I carry those lessons with me today.”

Billy Don FarrisPartner

“After actively participating in complex decision-making processes at the most senior levels of the Department of Defense and leading crisis action planning as the senior operational planner in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve learned that leadership, teamwork, and process are all critical to a successful outcome.”

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