What happens when team decision making doesn't work?

Not enough speed. Not enough alignment.

Not enough innovation. Not enough productivity. 

And too many opportunities pass the organization by.

  • Does your organization have a history of slow and/or poor decisions?
  • Are your teams risk-averse?
  • Are decisions stymied by too much and/or too little communication?
  • Is there an absence of new, innovative ideas?
  • Does confusion over who is responsible for what bring progress to a halt?

Turbocharge team decision making.

McChrystal Group solutions remove the drags on decision making, so your teams are empowered to make decisions and act on them.


Streamline Decisions

Optimize how information flows between and within teams so they can reach conclusions quickly.


Improve Outcomes

Upgrade processes to remove bias and blind spots from decisions before they are implemented.


Seize Opportunities

Boost the speed and frequency of execution so the organization can seize opportunities fast.

Team Decision Making Solutions

Red Team

Bake critical thinking into your teams' decisions. 

Human tics like bias and risk aversion will sabotage good decisions if you let them. Red Team programs teach teams how to protect their conclusions and make smarter moves.  

Why should your teams do a Red Teaming program?

  • Pressure test your teams' conclusions before they make their next big decision. 
  • Give your teams the skills to pressure-test their decision-making going forward. 
  • Align your teams' risk tolerance—and their decisions—with the organization's strategy.

Most organizations do not build safeguards against bad conclusions into their decision-making. Let Red Teaming programs give your teams and organization a decisive advantage.  

Learn more about Red Teams

Crisis Leadership

Ensure smart decisions when stakes are high.

How do leaders make good decisions at the speed a crisis demands? Our Crisis Leadership solutions quickly give leaders the data-driven foundations they need to make smart moves fast. 

How can our Crisis Leadership solutions help?

  • Rapidly build adaptable networks that communicate clearly and quickly with stakeholders.
  • Source the right info streams fast to make sound decisions in rapidly changing situations.
  • Mine ongoing assessments for insights that enable resilience for the next crisis. 

Your people are resilient, but team resilience is critical for navigating and preparing for crisis.

Crises will test your leaders' adaptability, steadiness and judgement under pressure. Give them the support they'll need to make smart decisions that drive results, no matter what.

Learn more about our Crisis Leadership solutions

Data & Knowledge Management

Empower your teams' decisions with the right info at the right time.

Team decision-making can't work when information is siloed. Data & Knowledge Management solutions connect teams to all the information they need to make decisions better and faster.

Why choose our Data & Knowledge Management solutions?

  • Transparent managed delegation streams eliminate confusion about who is responsible for what.
  • Information feeds are balanced to prevent decisions stalled by too much or too little input.
  • Our communication techniques embolden team members to take ownership and initiative. 

The right information at the right time and in the right amounts is the lifeblood of great decisions. Let us help you make sure your teams always have it.

Learn more about Data & Knowledge Management


Fortune 10 Oil & Gas company uncovers major risks prior to $2 billion decision

A global Oil & Gas company had to decide if it would invest $2 billion to construct a new hydrocarbon cracking facility in Asia.

Problem: Doubted that their parent company's legacy processes would be agile enough for the Asian market.  

Solution: McChrystal Group experts facilitated a pressure-test of the Asia venture strategy through a three-day Red Team workshop.


  • Uncovered major risks that threatened the venture.
  • 24% increase in participants understanding of the Asia strategy.
  • The company gained its own Red Teaming capabilities.


I’ve been in countless meetings where we never get to the heart of the matter. And this time we identified it and are discussing it.

Company Leader

Oil & Gas Comapny

Within 48 hours, McChrystal Group stood up a whole-of-government crisis response mechanism to share information and accelerate decisions.

Brian Golden

Director of Boston Planning & Development Agency

Discussions are now better, meatier, and we’re actually getting to action items and decisions.

General Manager


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