Discover how effective team decision making can help boost organizational performance

How to Develop Effective Decision Making

A disciplined approach to making decisions is necessary for leaders to develop sound decision making habits among their teams. It involves ensuring the right problem is addressed, all relevant factors are considered, and all stakeholders are involved.

We never fully control decision outcomes, so we need a decision-making process that helps us to act and learn, quickly gathering feedback to improve our decisions now and in the future. 

Rapid execution comes in part from clear knowledge of who is doing what, which we can establish through "decision space." Decision space shows up in three ways: boundary rules, critical information requirements, and prioritization. Watch below to understand how to establish decisions spaces in your team​.

Whiteboard Spotlight


    Weekly Whiteboard: Why Teams Struggle With Timely Decision Making

    Discover why teams struggle with making timely decisions, leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. In this weekly whiteboard, we explore the various reasons why teams struggle with timely decision-making.

  • Leading Through Uncertainty - Main

    Leading Through Uncertainty: Decision Making

    The future holds potential for growth and success for teams that are equipped with the right mix of skills and behaviors. To be prepared for future challenges, it is imperative to maximize the effectiveness of your decision-making.

  • Developing an Adaptive Decision Making - Main

    Four Ways Effective Decision Making Drives Team Engagement

    When building an adaptable organization, leaders must make decision making a core competency to operate with strategic agility. Set your team up to execute with speed at scale and achieve your goals.

  • fusion-map-01.png

    Enhancing Communications and Decision Making During a Time of Crisis

    See how McChrystal Group helped a state agency align around priorities, establish a process to exchange information, streamline decision-making, and create a shared space where problems could be identified and collectively solved.

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