• How to Orient Your Teams Around a Culture of Prioritization

    A lack of prioritization is the number one cause of organizational failure. While prioritization is a complex mix of people, processes, and behavior, it’s a mix that is completely possible to determine. Here are 3 simple actions leaders and teammates can take today to move the needle on organizational prioritization.

  • How Do We Prioritize When Everything Is a Priority?

    Healthcare and life science organizations remain steadfast in their mission – caring for and improving the lives of patients, but over time healthcare delivery has evolved. A growing set of complex objectives results in a plethora of services, programs, and technologies, layered one on top of the other, creating an avalanche of competing priorities. So how do we prioritize when everything is a priority?

  • Managing Your Priorities as a Leader: Balancing Expertise with Efficiency

    As leaders mature in their roles, the transition from expert to executive is a critical but difficult change to manage effectively. Many leaders progress through the ranks of their organizations for their indispensable knowledge and expertise. They may have become the go-to resource for information management, functional training, and even onboarding of new hires due to their experience and tenure.

  • Prioritization in Public Health — A Conversation With Dr. Norman Oliver

    Prioritization in public health is of paramount importance as leaders face countless decisions every day. Dr. Norman Oliver, one of our senior advisors and the former State Health Commissioner at the Virginia Department of Health, shares how he set clear priorities and communicated them throughout a complex organization.

  • Leaders Must Address Their Own Blind Spots When Connecting Strategy to Execution

    Whether your teams struggle to align to broader company goals or your individual performance metrics fail to support collaborative team objectives, McChrystal Group leverages several tools to help organizations align objectives at all levels of the organization.

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