Hear From Our Teammates About How They Prioritize

Ted Delicath, Principal
Peden Gray, HR Generalist
Omar Abdalla, Analyst
Liz Pang, Analyst
  • Prioritize Preparing for Internal Meetings. Your Team Will Thank You for It

    Prioritize preparation. Whether it’s Amazon’s “Memo Culture,” Ford’s “Business Plan Review,” or, yes, Stan McChrystal’s “Operations & Intelligence Forum,” ideas of the best way to run effective meetings have long been front and center in management theory. However, one of the critical elements underpinning these approaches, and others, is something that’s rarely discussed – the importance of a leader investing the time to properly prepare for the meeting.

  • How to Orient Your Teams Around a Culture of Prioritization

    A lack of prioritization is the number one cause of organizational failure. While prioritization is a complex mix of people, processes, and behavior, it’s a mix that is completely possible to determine. Here are 3 simple actions leaders and teammates can take today to move the needle on organizational prioritization.

  • How Do We Prioritize When Everything Is a Priority?

    Healthcare and life science organizations remain steadfast in their mission – caring for and improving the lives of patients, but over time healthcare delivery has evolved. A growing set of complex objectives results in a plethora of services, programs, and technologies, layered one on top of the other, creating an avalanche of competing priorities. So how do we prioritize when everything is a priority?

  • Managing Your Priorities as a Leader: Balancing Expertise with Efficiency

    As leaders mature in their roles, the transition from expert to executive is a critical but difficult change to manage effectively. Many leaders progress through the ranks of their organizations for their indispensable knowledge and expertise. They may have become the go-to resource for information management, functional training, and even onboarding of new hires due to their experience and tenure.

  • Prioritizing a Culture of Inclusion to Drive Business Outcomes: A Conversation With Kelly Kuhn

    In a Q&A, senior advisor Kelly Kuhn gives tangible examples of ways leaders can strike the balance between being internally and externally focused while not losing sight of priorities. She also discusses what it means to center inclusion as a guiding principle and how it will impact the bottom line.

  • Communicating Shifting Priorities: A Conversation with Tom Maffey

    Leaders communicating priorities first have to garner the trust of their teams to ensure the vision is enacted. Tom Maffey, one of our senior advisors and a retired US Army Brigadier General, shares his insight into how priorities can be effectively communicated and why it's important that priorities are shaped by an organization’s principles.

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