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Team of Teams® Immediate Opportunity Assessment

Find the fastest path to make your teams work


The Immediate Opportunities Assessment will show you where you can make the biggest impact on team performance in the shortest amount of time.



Don’t spend on the wrong solution. Put it to work where it counts.


Skip chasing the wrong problem. Zero in on your quickest win.


Avoid losing trust in your leadership. Tackle the right issue the first time.

It’s an online tool designed to help you zero in on the actions that will generate the most immediate improvements in your teams' performance and the greatest impact for your organization.

It was designed for people who rely on teams to help achieve organizational objectives.

In order to unlock your teams’ full potential, they must be structured to meet all four essential human needs: connection, belonging, psychological safety and personal agency.  But that doesn’t mean you have to (or should) tackle them all at once. We’ve found that meeting the right need first will go a long way toward meeting the rest. The trick is starting with the right one. So we created the Immediate Opportunity Assessment to help you and your teams pick the right place to start and achieve the quickest possible wins.

No matter how well designed, no online assessment can capture all of the nuances of your organization and its team dynamics. Still, we have found there are common threads that connect poor performance to the most likely root causes. The Immediate Opportunity Assessment draws on 10+ years of experience in finding and fixing those causes, as well as 5M+ data points gathered from 100+ organizations. So while it won't provide a detailed, point-by-point road map, we are confident it will get you started in the right direction. In the end, you know your teams and organization. So it will ultimately be you who decides if the results ring true.

We recommend the following steps:

  • Share the results with trusted members of your team. 
    Where do they see opportunities and how would they suggest moving forward?
  • Establish an objective with a timeline. 
    Pick one area of focus and set a time-based goal for making progress.
  • Request curated resources. 
    Reach out to one of our experts for tools and playbooks that can help you and your team achieve your specific objective.

Organizations Perform When Teams Work

McChrystal Group has been helping organizations get their teams working better, smarter and faster for more than 11 years. We can do the same for you. McChrystal Group was co-founded by Stan McChrystal, former U.S. General and the author of books including Team of Teams and Leaders: Myth and Reality.